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  • China promotes photovoltaic power generation
    Time:2019-11-07 Browse:7713
    Li Keqiang pointed out that China is the largest developing country in the world, and the problem of insufficient development imbalance is still prominent. We will continue to make painstaking efforts to ensure that the commitments made to the international community to reach the peak of the total carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and to significantly reduce their intensity will be fulfilled.

    Li Keqiang said that all departments should work together to further promote energy conservation and emission reduction. We should focus on key areas, vigorously promote cleaner industrial production, energy conservation and emission reduction of transportation, promote energy conservation of buildings in combination with the transformation of old urban communities, and continue to develop clean energy such as hydropower, wind power and solar power generation. We will continue to promote the transformation of coal-fired power plants and ultra-low emission of iron and steel production capacity, promote the discharge of industrial furnaces and kilns in full compliance with standards, and speed up the patching up of infrastructure weaknesses such as sewage and waste treatment. We will deepen national efforts to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

    Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned photovoltaic development for many times, and mentioned in the work report of the government to fully guarantee the priority of photovoltaic power generation on the Internet.