Company Profile

Linbai is a company specializing in the R & D
production and sales of solar photovoltaic system

            LINBAI ELECTRICAL Was founded in 2012,  Is a company Specializing in solar photovoltaic system products and high voltage electrical components product research,  Development ,  Production and sales of enterprise,  Production and R&D base set up in chinese chongqing and electrical appliances- Yueqing Liushi. 

            The company since its inception ,Always adhere to the talent oriented business principles and sincerity .Meta industry elite .Will practice the domestic and foreign advance technology,Management methods and business experience and business combination.applied to the enterprise to improve the management level and production capacity.So that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market to remain competitive the enterprise,Achieve rapid and steady development. Company products are mainly served in solar photovoltaic systems and industrial and civilian power control.Protection and transmission and distribution systems.To provide user with a full set of photovoltaic system and accessories.As well as high and low voltage AC ,DC electric components and electrical appliance. 

            The future Ltd will continue to the  “people-oriented,  integrity management principle” ,  ”Super customer value demand”  as the value orientation ,  play a “leading”   integrated application technology ,   A solar photovoltaic system and industrial and civil electric power control,  Protection and power transmission components and complete sets of equipment suppliers,   Is willing to become you long-term the most trusted partner.